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A Mused

on May 15, 2012

Today’s topic could not have come at a better time! As part of the 2012 Diabetes Blog Week (created and hosted by blogger Karen Graffeo @Bittersweet), participating bloggers are challenged to write about predetermined topics for selected days. Tuesday is all about the GREAT that we do for the diabetes in our life! Well, let me let you know this morning was a hell-of-a-holy-hiccup mess!!  My little  ‘sugar hero’ has yet another addition to his long growing list of health complications. So, truth be told, I have had my angry eyes on all day. I was set to impale the world with terrible, horrible, time-out-corner kind of words. Buuut I clicked on the computer and saw this shining light of Hope. Type 1 diabetes sucks. There is little more that can be said to truly capture the ‘spirit’ of this disease. Having to contend with the in’s and out’s of it at such a young age is the suckiest part of this turd. Zachary David is sensational! He is funny and wild and creative. If my boy is going to have diabetes, then gosh darn it! Diabetes is going to have some of my boy! His diagnosis has come with the absolute vow that I would never let this disease be bigger than his childhood, and it will never be any less AWESOME than he is. He WILL BE 9 years old! He WILL BE inspired!

My Zach’s broken pancreas has become my muse. What have I done for the cause!? I have made diabetes:

Customized & Cute!!

When Zach got pumped, Rufus did too. I ‘upgraded’ a simple pedometer to a pump, sewed an infusion site in, and I decorated his shirt to show Team Slap Shot spirit!! Then when the 5 year old daughter of a friend was diagnosed and given a ‘boy’ bear, I fixed that as well. Say hello to our one and only Rufulina Ballerina~ the diabetic she-bear!!

A Jive Vibe!! 

I made a request to my son’s  teacher (who is a music genius) to create our very own diabetes rap song! AND I had my oldest son perform it live at their school to show his brother support!!

Impossibly Cool!!

I contacted a friend from high school (who just happens to be an amazing artist) and encouraged him to create a one-of -a- kind HALO 4 helmet for the JDRF. It will be put on display for charity events, travel to hospitals and diabetic clinics, and ultimately be auctioned at our local chapter’s gala dinner! Once our helmet is complete (with JDRF logo and all), it will be the first and only of it’s kind. !!!!

Neurotic & Precise!!

Any and all diabetics entering my home have super special sugar spots delegated to all things diabetes. This place is pretty much the “Graceland” for Sugar Boogers. 🙂

Story Book Special!!

The Great Zach Attack is being sketched as we speak.

A Team Effort!!

I hand drew our ‘Team Slap Shots’ logo, and with the help of friends (and my husband as The Big Boss) we ‘smacked’ out 35 team shirts to support my boy! Even big brother Josh helped out with his stellar modeling skills.

There is hardly a day that doesn’t see me on the verge of pelting a small people-person with a tippy cup or shoe. But there is never EVER a day that doesn’t see me smothering them with my efforts of infinite Love. A deluge of continuous crap could pour from the Heavens onto my head all the days of my life! As long as I knew that my reach would deliver my children bigger and brighter and better days, who cares that this fight leaves me broken or scarred. A Scraped Crusader knows no other way…


4 responses to “A Mused

  1. youngcaveman says:

    You really should research the Paleo Diet for treating diabetes. It works best for Type 2 diabetes, but it will have a positive impact with Type 1 as well.

    • cruibal1 says:

      A terrific suggestion for my neanderthal boys! The thing is, we kinda’ already do. Not too heavy on the meats, but super so much on the fruits and veggies. Our kitchen premise? If it doesn’t occur in nature, it shouldn’t exist in you. I am promising to peruse the ‘Paleo Diet Recipe’ site and dedicate one meal to the YoungCaveMan…you just have to promise you’ll do the dishes after 😉

      • youngcaveman says:

        Heavy on the fruits may not be so good…they do contain a decent amount of sugar. How is the fat content in their meals? From my research and trials I have seen that coconut oil does the body good in many different departments. You have a good methodology for your boys. I do not see many other parents focusing on the importance of food unfortunately.

      • cruibal1 says:

        They contain NATURAL sugars that a body needs! In moderation, of course. We eat lean considering fatty foods inhibit proper insulin absorption. I have top-secret weapons in my arsenal against diabetes…1) I actually listen to our doctors, nutritionist, and dietitian. 2) I don’t mean to brag, but I’m literate and looooving it! so I research a ton. 3) Super Heavy Weight Pro Body Builder Daniel Eslinger just happens to be my little brother (AND today’s his birthday!!). He has an amazing background in nutrition and I often stalk him until he shares the knowledge. 🙂

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