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A Friend of the Friend I Have Not Met

on May 14, 2012

True Story: I am the parent of a Type 1 diabetic. There is no denying the ‘dianamics‘ (a clever play on words there!) that saturate this family, BUT it is not our family. It is not this blog. It is but one more contribution of crazy this household puts out into the Universe. You’re welcome.

That being said, this week will indeed be sugar-coated and painfully sweet. Something Like a Duck will be participating in the 2012 Diabetes Blog Week (because being completely new to the blogosphere isn’t over-whelming enough! it’s like registering to become a voter and then running for president at the first polling) It is the creation of blogger Karen Graffeo at Participants will be blogging daily on pre-determined topics focused on the ‘Big D‘. The Scoop Du Jour?? Find a Friend. Our posts are suppose to introduce other diabetic blogsites to the world via a list of blogs we read or follow or really super admire.

Truer story: I am the kind of girl that finds the perfect pair of sneakers and wears them until the seams pop. The pair of kicks that are precariously pinched together with duck tape and Gorilla glue. When my Sugar Baby went full throttle with the ‘betes, I googled ‘diabetic terms’ (being that the Swahili the doctors were throwing at me just wasn’t clicking). I meant to find the science, but I instead found the suuuuperstar!!! (and that ‘superstar’ better be a Mary Catherine Gallagher SuperStar you are reading!)

Sixuntilme had a wonderful little Terms of Endearment that made me laugh and cry and drink. I have tried (on rare occasion) to venture away from the blog. Someone somewhere spoke Sarcasm fluently and her name is Kerri. She was educational without being somniferous . She was honest, not self-righteous. I am a duck, and this site QUACKS!! It is blatantly real. I was (and am) so new to this that I need to know that a little blood and bruising is okay. And what’s more, if a little bit of me (my faith, my strength, my sanity) is hemorrhaging, I don’t need the world to throw Hello Kitty band-aids at my head. This website is like the modern version of ancient blood letting.  It rids me of a lot of anxiety and confusion (and sometimes water weight, if I spend too long at the computer forgetting the little things like food and water). I have perused the internet aisles trying on other ‘shoes.’ Although I appreciate the flourish of the other sites, I really am a size sixuntilme. Kerri Sparling’s blog does include guest spots that I have enjoyed. Sometimes it’s enough to slip onto their site and click until the clucks come home. But I don’t really know where home is… So here I am all set to recommend the friend of a friend (Hello, Diabetes!) that I haven’t even met ( Hello, Fellow Bloggers!).  😦

Now, upon diagnosis I did sign onto juvenation. It is the JDRF created web-community for all things Type 1. You can select the most pertinent topics for your D-life and go from there. I have perused the Lemonade Life writings, exhausted the Diabetes Mine site, and cyber-stalked  Nick Jonas and Bobby Clarke.  They each offer a different vibe to the ‘dia-lemmas‘ we face.

Fingers-crossed that Something Like a Duck will someday grow-up to be a set site for followers to learn from. Maybe even offer a little HA-HA to this hoo-hah of a disease. Maybe become the ‘jive vibe’ that all families (diabetic or not) have so longed for? If nothing else, it can be the handshake that introduces a few of you to new friends to see you through to the other side of the tunnel.  Best of luck on the long road’s travel!!


One response to “A Friend of the Friend I Have Not Met

  1. Kerri. says:

    Thank YOU for such a nice mention! I appreciate it, and I’m looking forward to checking out your site. (And yes, a little ha-ha is much needed in this hoo-hah of a disease. I’m glad you’re out there.)

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